Jimmy Olofsson: With a big passion for music, becoming a writer for the AOTY blog was the most natural decision ever made. When it comes to music reviews you can expect just about anything, this guy listens to metal, indie rock, pop, ambient, drone, electronic, singer/songwriter, post-rock, and the list goes on. If Oceansize ever reunites, this guy will be one happy fanboy.

Ultimetalhead: Born in the throes of the kvlt, Justin (alias: Ultimetalhead) was hailed as the authority on all things metal. Writing for the AOTY blog, his primary focus will be on underrated classics that no self-respecting music lover/metal head should go without hearing. Rest assured, if any new metal worth talking about comes out (or if Devin Townsend sneezes), you’ll read about it here.

Zanderbuel92: Zander Buel is the token Goth kid. Every music blog has one. People make comments about his hair.

zxlkho: Ryan is the main inspiration for the AOTY blog. He listens to nearly every genre you can think of. Ambient music, drone, electronic, indie rock, pop, post-rock, all kinds of metal, and ALL of it is his Album of the Year. Simultaneously.

quadrochosis: catchy melodies and groovy rhythms. spends most of his time listening to progressive, indie, post-rock and jam bands.

xxxswagmaster420xxx -Pretty much the end all, be all of music listeners. Listens to music far better than you do. Get ready, because these opinions are going to destroy your opinions.


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