Polkadot Cadaver – Last Call in Jonestown Track Review

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Simply put, if you haven’t listened to Polkadot Cadaver yet, you are missing out on the best music you never knew existed. Todd Smith is easily one of the most promising musicians in the business, and this new album is shaping up to be the band’s crowning achievement. Two key members of Polkadot Cadaver, the aforementioned Smith and guitarist Jasan Stepp played in Dog Fashion Disco (with Jasan joining prior to the release of DFD’s magnum opus, “Adultery”), so you already know what an exciting time this is if you’re familiar with that band. Todd and Jasan have been astoundingly prolific these past few years. Since 2011, we’ve had a new PDot album, a debut from Knives Out!, and a second solo release under the name of El-Creepo. And now, they’re poised to release a new Polkadot Cadaver album that threatens to nullify them all.

As far as I’m concerned, Polkadot Cadaver is a continuation of Dog Fashion Disco. Both of Polkadot Cadaver’s albums make this abundantly clear with their zany circus music mixed with groove metal and the occasional disturbing ballad. The most exciting thing about this album so far (aside from the fact that the one song released so far pretty handily blows everything on Sex Offender [2011] clear out of the water) is the pride on display from the contributing members. Following several of the musicians on Facebook, every status for a while was about how “LCiJT is a rager.” or something to that effect. For reference, the pre-release hype from the band has never been this high for any of their other recent projects.

Onto the song itself: The new track is quite possibly the heaviest song the band has ever done. There were moments on PDot’s debut that had a bit of a thrashy edge (What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen? is the most obvious example), and Knives Out! certainly had its fair share of heavy moments. This song, however, is downright uncompromising in its aggression. While Jasan had a tendency to write simple, groovy riffs that were perfectly headbangable, the riffs here are much more complex yet just as catchy. Smith’s lyrics take a break from sordid love songs and serial killer biopics and instead talk about the infamous massacre from which the song derives its name. Included for good measure is a spoken word passage from what I assume is one of the cult leaders involved in the event. I can already see this song becoming a live favorite with its infectious, “shout-along” chorus. Jasan even tests the waters with a pretty solid guitar solo, which is a very rare occurrence for this band.

As the opening track on the album, this song seems like it’s setting the stage for the remainder of the album in the best way possible. Pre-orders can be found here. There’s a wide variety of bundle options including shirts, stickers, and even a freaking skateboard deck. Dig deep, folks. This is a band that deserves any support you can give them. Last Call in Jonestown releases on May 14th, with the album release party (which I will most certainly be attending) to be held at Peabodys Down Under in Cleveland, OH on May 3rd with special guests Psychostick and Downtown Brown.


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